Climate Protection with Biomass

Even before the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, renewable energies and climate protection were becoming more and more important. Changes to the global climate are increasingly noticeable. It is therefore more crucial then ever to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).
The production of sustainable energy from biomass is an important step towards conserving valuable resources and protecting the climate. This is why we dedicate ourselves here at Tecosol to the production of biodiesel.

Our special Raw Material Mix

As an innovative company in the biofuel production sector, we are ready to face the demands of the market as well as the public debate: we are future-oriented, technophile, innovative, quality conscious and reliable as well as a sustainability- and environmental-conscious company.

We focus on an optimized mix of raw materials derived from clean vegetable oils, vegetable fatty acids, used cooking oils and animal fats. Our use of rapeseed oil is thus significantly lower then the normal average of over 80 percent.


Even biodiesel is made by humans: management, shareholders, employees and the four-member advisory board ensure Tecosol’s success by working closely together. [read more …]
Die Lage von TecosolOur biofuel plant at the Südzucker site in Ochsenfurt was developed from the former Campa AG, which started operations as the third biodiesel plant in Germany at the beginning of 2000.
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MesseWe pay special attention to the political dimension of our product and to the market dynamics for biofuels and see ourselves as ambassadors for a new approach in the use of renewable energies. [read more…]