Quality Derived From the Multi-Feedstock Plant

We are just as concerned about the quality and attractive pricing of our products as we are about continuously optimising our processes. We focus mainly on the raw materials being used: our vision is a multi-feedstock plant, which requires only a minimum of clean vegetable oils for the production of biodiesel and biofuels.

Diverse Product Range

In addition to fuels for engines, combined heat and power (CHP) units as well as for cogeneration plants in accordance with DIN V 51605, we also produce our Campa biodiesel in accordance with DIN EN 14214. Our product “liquid organic energy LOE” for the use in combined heat and power (CHP) units, is already a registered trademark with the German Patent and Trademark Office. On request, we also produce customised biofuels in accordance with DIN EN 14214.

Other products are glycerols of various qualities as well as valuable by-products such as vegetable fatty acids and the plant fertiliser potassium sulphate.


Our internal laboratory continuously supervises the production process and ensures a consistently high product quality. Our qualified laboratory staff does not only examine the actual production process and process-relevant parameters [read more…]
With the help of our experienced operating personnel, we run our production plant in three shifts with capacities being continuously fully utilised. Our plant is able to process any typical raw material needed for the production of biodiesel. [read more…]
We are currently able to store 8,000 cubic meters of raw materials and end products at our plant in Ochsenfurt. [read more…]