The EU biofuel directive introduced a schedule according to which the proportion of biofuels used in addition to fossil fuels should increase gradually: all member states should replace 5.75 percent of their fuel consumption with biofuels by 2010 and 10 percent by 2020. This goal can be achieved by using biofuels either in their pure form or as a blend. The use of other renewable energies will also be taken into account.

The blending quotas in Europe range from 10 percent in Portugal, followed by 7.6 percent in France, 7 percent in Estonia, 6.25 percent in Germany and 6 percent in Finland down to 1.5 percent in Montenegro.

E27 Biofuel Blending Mandates Karte

The German Biokraftstoff-Quotengesetz (Biofuel Quota Act) of 2006 stated that the amount of biofuels used in Germany should increase to 8 percent by 2015. With the Gesetz zur Änderung der Förderung von Biokraftstoffen (Law on the promotion of biofuels) of July 2009, the government decided to freeze this rate at 6.25 percent as of 2010.

Currently this rate is at exactly 6.25 percent. The amount of biodiesel sold yearly in order to implement the blending quota has been constant at almost 2.3 million tons since 2009.