CO2 Vermeidung

People, committees and states are starting to pay more and more attention to climate change, whose main cause is the globally high emissions of the climate-damaging gas carbon dioxide (CO2). The greenhouse gas CO2 is released during the combustion of organic substances like wood or plants as well as that of fossil fuels like coal, crude oil and natural gas.

The combustion of organic substances or biomass, releases just as much CO2 as the plants previously absorbed from the air and metabolised into carbon chains. Over the course of millions of years, however, geological processes have transformed and raised the density of the carbon network of dead organisms, transforming them into fossil energy sources. The combustion of these fossil energy sources releases the CO2, which had been long ago bound as biomass, thus increasing the amount of free CO2 within the earth’s atmosphere today.

By using waste and residues, the portion of fresh vegetable oils can be reduced. Green house gas savings in the Tecosol production process exceed 90 percent and more.