Welcome to Tecosol

– the Biodiesel Production Plant in Southern Germany.

Renewable energies are our business: since 2009, we have been producing not only fuels for engines, combined heat and power (CHP) units and cogeneration plants, but also, in accordance with DIN standards, biodiesels such as methyl esters and glycerols of various qualities at our production site in Ochsenfurt.

Our special raw material mix of waste oils, waste materials and raw vegetable oils, reduces the amount of clean vegetable oils used and ensures that our biodiesel has a CO2 saving potential of up to 80 percent.

Alternative KraftstoffeIn 1900, a peanut oil-powered diesel engine was introduced by request of the French government at the Paris International Exhibition. Due to the high cost of the materials, this idea was not pursued any further [read more…]
CO2 VermeidungPeople, committees and states are starting to pay more and more attention to climate change, whose main cause is the globally high emissions of the climate-damaging gas carbon dioxide (CO2). [read more…]
Tecosol Rohstoff-MixAt Tecosol we use alkaline raw glycerols, raw and refined vegetable oils, cooking oils and fats, vegetable fatty acids and other soap and oil-based waste materials [read more…]